What to Find in a Luxury Service Apartment?

If you’re planning for a trip, you might have come across luxury serviced apartments in Singapore. These are stand-alone units that are great alternatives than hotels and B&Bs. You’ll get more than what you expect with a service apartment or a luxury service apartment. It is one of the most popular options among travelers and movers.

luxury serviced apartments Singapore

What to find in a luxury serviced apartment in Singapore?

Here are some things that you can expect from a luxury service apartment.

You can have a pleasing apartment that has about 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms. You can choose based on your needs and your specific requirements. It also comes with a kitchen with stove, microwave, and oven that you can use when you don’t feel like eating out.

It also has a comfortable interior environment as it comes with centralized heating and cooling systems, depending on the temperature and season. You’ll also have a 50’ flat screen TV, DVD player, and radio to take care of all your entertainment needs. These apartments are often rented by executives; hence they have internet connection as part of the service. There are also bed linens, quilts, napkins, sheets, and knickknacks that are often required inside a house. It also comes with private parking services for your own car.

Other advantages in choosing a luxury service apartment

A luxury serviced apartment in Singapore works as a home away from you which is far different from the cold and drab atmosphere of a hotel. The service apartment is more comfortable and homey which is one of its greatest attributes. The apartment also has a wide space which enables you to do things that are often restricted in a hotel.

You can also save a lot when you rent a service apartment since the charge is per unit and not per head. You can share the space with some more colleagues which would mean more savings on your part. Apart from that, having your own kitchen would help you save on food expenses since you can cook on your own.

Lastly, there’s a certain feel good factor in an apartment. This is particularly needed by someone who just relocated to the area.

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