Well-planned itinerary for Singapore city tour

Despite being a very small city-state, Singapore is not just a haven for businesses. Tourists can also enjoy a Singapore city tour. All that you need is a well-planned itinerary so you can maximize your stay here. But where should you go? What are the best tourist spots in the country? Here is a list of spots worthy of your consideration.

Best tourist spots for Singapore city tour

Marina Bay Sands

When you say Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands is one of the first places that comes to mind. Located at 10 Bayfront Avenue, this opulent resort complex has everything that you may need. From restaurants, to malls, to hotels, museums, theatres, Marina Bay Sands has all of those for you. Just a word of caution though, it may be a little bit hard on the budget as things can get quite expensive here.

Palau Ubin (Granite Island)

Despite being perceived as nothing else but an urban jungle, Singapore offers some simple nature trips. One of those spots is the Granite Island. Quipped as a “throwback to the Singapore of the 1960’s”, people here live a simple life.

Orchard Road

If you dig shopping, then you can never go wrong with a visit to Orchard Road. From designer clothes and bags, movie theatres, eateries, KTV Karaokes, and many more, this is a haven for people who love to shop and have a good time.


Whether you’re Chinese or not, a visit to a particular country’s Chinatown is a must. From nice buys to filling Chinese cuisine, Singapore’s Chinatown has all of those. There’s the Chinese Heritage Center, the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, the Buddha Tooth Relic temple, the Ann Siang Hill area and many more spots. The Singaporean Chinatown has everything that you need.

Sentosa Island

Singapore, as we know it is a bristling financial district with towering skyscrapers and modern urban areas. But do you know that you can still have some fun under the sun while in Singapore? Sentosa Island is a good spot to relax and have fun. There’s Siloso Beach that allows you to enjoy swimming, beach volleyball, go kayaking or skim boarding. The Underwater World aquarium lets you have that once in a lifetime chance to swim with the dolphins. Singapore’s Iconic Merlion statue is also right here. There are also water parks and various activities to enjoy.

Knowing where to go is easy, going around, is equally easy and fun. There are companies with various available transport services Singapore has to offer. Just make sure to choose one that will get you from one place to the other, the safest way possible. Going around the country shouldn’t be that hard. Just as long as you know where you should go.

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