Some Tips for Short Term Car Rental

It can be a tricky thing to rent a car from a Mazda rental shop or anywhere else if you don’t have any experience yet. The truth is that there are many places where you can rent the car. There are however a couple of rules and regulations that you need to follow. When you have not rented a car in the past or you think you have not saved much money on your last car rental, then you should know the following tips:

Mazda rental

Compare rates wisely.

You can do this by visiting websites of dealers and putting in the dates when you need the car. There are some that offer discounts for AAA members. You can look for deals like that and others that may benefit you.

Avoid renting from the airport.

Car rental offered at the airport oftentimes charge extra fees for pickup and drop off and this can add more to your car rental expenses.

Rent in advance.

You have to rent a car early since it will give you more flexibility when it comes to your choice of vehicle and price. The more time you allot for it, the better your choice of vehicle and the lower the prices will be.

Check for insurance.

It may be that you don’t really need the insurance that the dealer is forcing you to get. Your existing car may already have coverage. When you rent the car using the credit card, it means you’re already covered too. You have to check on these two before you sign the collision and damage waiver insurance.

Check for damages.

Before you drive away using your rented car, you have to check the vehicle for any existing damages on it. You have to walk around the car and check for dents, scratches, etc. You can use the camera phone or your smart phone to document the damages.

Before everything else, you always have to consider the type of car you like to rent and the duration you’re going to use it. There are companies that offer web-only discounts. You can take advantage of these deals as much as you can.

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