Things to do before going to a maid agency in Singapore

In hiring a maid, having the best maid agency to help you is half the battle. You have to also do your homework in order for the maid agency to know the right house helper for you. Moreover, you’d likely to get the most suitable maid for you if you know what to look for in a person since personalities and skills vary.  Thus, we can say that finding a maid for you and your family is like finding someone for a good company. Compatibility when it comes to personalities and house needs must be one of the deciding factor in choosing. Here are some of the guidelines or simple yet helpful things to do to be able to select the right house helper for you:

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  1. List down the chores and tasks house helpers or maids are asked to accomplish

Yes, it is given that you are looking for people who will do household chores however you may be giving more importance on a particular chore or task like cooking, babysitting, or just a house cleaning. If you want a babysitter maid, it would be best to select maids who are patient with kids and knows how to handle tantrums. Moreover, by making a list you are most likely giving the applicants an idea of how they should handle their work. The best maid agency would also help you in choosing as they are aware of the qualities you are looking for and they know the applicants better.

  1. Make a list of the rules you have at home

Knowing the rules is partly knowing the real deal since it would affect how the maids should behave in the house. It is best to set everything clear from the start to avoid misunderstandings. The rules will also guide them as they work for you.

  1. Do you want a Malaysian, Sri Lankan, or Filipino helper?

This is actually an important item in the guideline. It is not about the race but the culture, religion, and beliefs that will or may matter.  Living with a stranger in the same house can be tough at first and having the same beliefs or religion can help you loosen up. Common interest and same religion can also be a good way to start up conversation and ease away awkwardness. The best maid agency will surely be able to help you regarding this concern.

There are also people who look for years of experience but some are okay with applicants without any work experiences. It is best to clear this up in order to avoid any regret or problems in the long run.


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