The starts in a hotel; a general info


How can you tell that a hotel is a good hotel? You start counting the starts that they have right?


The stars


One start to five stars? Which is better? For most people this is a no brainer question and would go directly to the five start hotel, but is a five start hotel always the best option?  Tell you what, there is really no definitive worldwide standard in ranking hotels from zero to five, in fact this standards will vary per country. four star hotel Singapore


Basically it’s not just about the customer service but would rely mostly on their capacity. The beds, the spaces, the number of people and all that. So there really isn’t anything to base it if you are a traveler. What you need to do is find a hotel that will suite your needs and has a good review. I’m not telling to disregard the stars but it pays to have more data on a hotel and not just the stars because having a 5 start doesn’t necessarily mean that that is what you need to get because that is the best, sometimes the best hides in 3 of 4 stars hotel and sometimes because of personal preference and subjective and personal views a 3 star or a 4 start and even a 1 or a 2 star might just be the best for you.


Getting the best star


Sometimes a 5 star hotel can be overrated and would be used to increase the price, and sometimes you can get the same things that a 5 star hotel has with lesser people at a lesser price and you can find it in a 4 star hotel. You have a great experience, has the facilities, the great spaces for a room, word class customer services, in strategic locations, great food, all the modern comforts, you will be treated like royalty and did I say at a lesser price? and Parc Sovereign Hotel is one of those hotels and they will surely not disappoint with gold standards on anything that you see and experience, so make the better option and get a four star hotel Singapore that will surely delight.

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