Setting Up Photo Booths

When you say Singapore photobooth it’s a place where kids can do some of the things they can do best which are to dress up, to act goofy, and to make faces. After they do all these, they end up with a nice souvenir of the fun they had. This is the reason why it has become a really popular attraction in a number of community events. It is more fun to celebrate events through something that has much appeal for children. You can set up your own photo booth in your kid’s birthday or you can make photo booth as the party theme. You can be certain that your guests will all be smiling.

Choices for the Photo Booth in Singapore

You have choices for a photo booth. You can rent an automatic booth which is something like what you can find in a carnival. You can also go for the professional setup which comes with a photographer. It may sound overwhelming but it’s easy to set up a homemade photo booth in any corner of your home.

Steps to Making a Photo Booth

  • You can hang a sheet or a tablecloth on a certain wall to function as backdrop.
  • You may place a bench or several chairs in front of the backdrop.
  • You can place a room divider to create sections in the area.
  • A photo booth needs to have a photographer and since you’re the host of the party, you can ask a friend, relative, or another parent to handle the task.
  • Apart from the photographer, another person should be able to man the digital printing station and take charge of the photo booth’s demand for printing.

You don’t really need to have an actual photo booth. You can simply set up using a blanket that you can hang on a tree to a simple hanging frame where kids can take photos in.

Making Photo Booth Invitations

  • Take a few shots of the guest of honor.
  • Print it on photo paper.
  • Cut three or four pieces into squares and arrange them in one line and then glue them on a strip of cardstock.
  • You can add a heading and write all the details of the party at the back of the card.
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