Revitalizing Retreats In Sedona


sedona retreats can revitalise your heart and soul


Western Spirit Ranch is not just a vacation resort, nor a weekend getaway. It is so much more and has so much to offer for the couple that seeks a pause to catch its breath, review their marriage and reconnect with the Universal Spirit.

Many have told us how their lives have been forever changed after having visited Western Spirit Ranch. They say too that they realized later that chance played no part in this connection; it was the Spirit that guided them to lovely Sedona, Arizona, to this soothing and life-enriching retreat.

Not only does a stay with us in this healthful and restful climate revitalize the mind but the body as well.

No matter what your faith—or even lack of faith—you’ll come away to a richer fuller life after having connected with nature, exploring your inner self during a week of healing meditation and learning.

While Western Spirit Ranch offers a wide number of retreats, each with a specific design to help others, we’d like to take this moment to speak of our special couple’s retreat.

At Western Spirit Ranch, a couple may enjoy the opportunity to slow down, to look deep into the inner self and explore each person’s purpose in life. No life is easy all the time, and for the average couple, the many hurdles it must face are not formidable but sometimes seemingly insurmountable. Puberty, romance and marriage and then the mixed blessing of love and trauma of the arrival of children.

The challenges only increase as marriages drift into routine, the children are a constant concern between illness, willfulness and the desire to take charge of their own lives at an age when they’re still far too young. There is work, constant worries over money and other concerns. The husbands and wives become like a couple of buddies out camping together, sometimes friendly, at others not friendly at all.

By the time many have reached the 30s or 40s, they feel their life is over, their hopes and dreams having faded away and only too frequently, their marriages are the rocks.

Western Spirit Ranch is a non-profit organization seeking not to generate profits, but to offer a vital, spiritual life-changing opportunity to those whose lives have become mired in the everyday problems that constantly detract from our quiet moments of spiritual reflection.

At Western Spirit Ranch, a meditative and invigorating pause to reflect on life and the spirit as well as listen to compassionate counseling may re-ignite your entire spiritual inner life and it will show throughout many years to come.



Sedona, Arizona offers so much in desert beauty, clean air and this is the home of life-changing Western Spirit Enrichment Center.

In this welcoming spiritual retreat, couples find new ways to reconnect their lives, revisit the reasons for their marriage in the first place and feel the rebirth of the inner spirit and its place in the Eternal Universal Spirit.

When couples marry, their intentions and vows are to remain faithful and loving throughout their lives. However, as they move along on this fateful lifelong journey, they only too often lose sight of their original intentions and vows. This only leads to a deadening of the mind and heart to the whisper of the inner spirit and people not only drift apart but become depressed, discouraged and doubt that they even have a purpose in being alive.

At Western Spirit Ranch, couples of all faiths come to reawaken the inner spirit through meditation, counseling and the sheer tranquil enjoyment of their surroundings. Even a walk in our beautiful surroundings holding hands again just as you did in the beginning, can be so refreshing and draw you and your loved one closer together again.

A week at Western Spirit Ranch will change your life forever, and you may also take comfort in knowing that we are a non-profit group dedicated not to generating profits, but to helping others in their quest for re-connection with the Eternal Spirit. That is our purpose and our goal.


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