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Having a major staycation? Or maybe you will be having a business meeting in the next couple of days at the Lion City. Either way, it’s just practical to plan up and search for the best hotel in Singapore. Look through your options and see which room will fit your needs soon.

Get a Deluxe Room

Business travellers would be delighted to find how some Deluxe Rooms are made to face overlooking views of the city. Upon booking for a 5 star hotel in Singapore, you’ll find how the standard, Deluxe Room has a spacious work area. It’s roughly measured at 323 square feet, plus it has interconnectivity options. It also allows access for PWD (Persons with Disabilities).

Upgrade to an Executive Business Deluxe Room

Upon considering a hotel booking in Singapore, you’ll find how selected top tiered hotels have a refurbished Executive Business Deluxe Room available. It’s helpful to read through the reviews of previous guests who stayed in this specific room. You can also see how the guests have collectively rated a standard, Executive Business Deluxe Room at 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Thankfully, there are some hotels which allow their customers to talk about their experiences during their stay. A couple of hospitality establishments have an objective balance of positive and not so positive feedbacks, so future guests will have a realistic perception of the hotel.

Your balcony at the Terrace Room

Need a private area to relax? Then it would be enticing to know the amenities of a standard Terrace Room. Singapore’s luxury hotels will throw in exclusive packages such as access to the in-house sauna, swimming pool and fitness centre.

If you’ll need to keep in touch with your loved ones and business partners, a Terrace Room would have a complementary smart phone service. This includes unlimited 3G internet and local calls.

Have a direct access to the pool

There are guests who are fond of taking early morning laps at the pool, which is why it’s just fitting for them to consider a 5 star hotel in Singapore which offers a Pool Room. A regular Pool Room will have private balconies so they can relax and enjoy the outdoors, at their own pace.

There are even Pool Room packages which throw in Butler Services, along with an exclusive plush lounge experience. An executive lounge access is usually included in a Pool Room package.

Feel like a royal with the Royal Suite

Looking for a lavish, home away from home? Then you must certainly look through the amenities of a Royal Suite. This type of room has a scenic and overlooking view of the city, as it even includes a separate living area. It also has a sitting room, a dining area and a kitchenette. You’ll certainly feel cosy and at ease as you stay in this room.

Singapore’s luxury hotels are certainly inviting among those going on staycation, tourists or even corporate travellers. Be sure to list up your requirements and check which types of rooms will best suit your needs soon.

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