Planning a Boat Cruise

If you are planning for a boat cruise in Singapore with the entire family, the only way to make sure that you’ll enjoy it completely is through the right preparations. First off you have to get a piece of paper and pen to jot down everyone that you like to spend an afternoon or an evening with. The list you come up with can be considered as your guest list. If cruising around Singapore is something your family wants, ycorporate event venues singaporeou can ensure a perfect holiday for everyone through considering the following tips:

Take into account all the variables that affect the cost

You might be imagining a hefty price for a yacht charter that will accommodate fifteen people, but it’s better to check on the boat rates first before any assumption. It is possible for you to book for a five-hour boating adventure with 18 to 24 guests around the islands of Singapore. You can enjoy the islands and relax on the boat before heading back to the city.

If you are getting worried about the costs, here are some variables that can be adjusted to make it suit your budgetary means:

  • Smaller boats tend to be cheaper than the larger ones.
  • It’s better to keep the guest list under twenty people since there will be an extra fee for additional crew who’ll function as servers.
  • Choose trips that fall on weekdays since they are cheaper compared to weekend trips.
  • It’s always more expensive to go on a holiday eve trip.

Choose the time based on the schedule of the guests on board

If you are planning a trip for a large group cruising around the islands of Singapore, you will usually be given the afternoon or evening time block. If you are planning for a romantic dinner or a party, you’re better off with an evening block. An afternoon block is perfect when you’re going out cruising with the whole family.

Take into consideration the water activities and entertainment available on board for your guests. On the other hand, some adults would love to stroll along the coastline sipping wine during sunset while the kids love to make sand castles in the afternoon sun.

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