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20 Dec 2016

4 Qualities of a Great Event Manager

What does it take to be a great event manager who produces great events? Does it come down to the strength of their people skills that ultimately decides whether someone is good or great? Here’s a list of the top four attributes that make an incredible event manager Learn to

19 Dec 2016

City Nature in Singapore

Fields of green, trees, flowers, gardens. These are such a rarity in the cityscape as these, more often than not are just seen on rural areas and not in highly urbanized places. Singapore, a country with a very small land area is a very urbanized area. In fact, skyscrapers and

16 Dec 2016

Shifting To New Country? Get A Serviced Apartment On Rent

The World has become a global village now; living in one part of the world you can shift to any other part without having the fear of getting good accommodation. Easy accommodation can be availed in any part of country within budget with the help of service providers. Either you

16 Dec 2016

How To Successfully Showcase A Business Event?

Any business looking to conduct a business event will always look at keeping the costs down. The manager will try to run the event alone without seeking the services of an event company. The main reason behind this is to cut costs. The only benefit that a business gain from

15 Dec 2016

How To Develop Your Photography Skills?

Many people love the hobby of photography. Indeed, clicking images of different situations, moments and scenic landscapes is a natural inclination in many of us. In this world of advanced photographic technology, there are several advanced features and equipment in this field. Knowing the latest cameras and accessories through a

13 Dec 2016

Get Your Very Own Car Lease in Singapore Today

Thinking of getting your very own car, but don’t have the budget to entirely maintain a brand new unit? Then it would be a great idea to get your very own car lease in Singapore today. There are so many advantages which you can gain by having this specific automotive