The Must-Haves of a Car Rental Service

There are certainly a lot of perks which can be gathered out of Car Rental Service in Singapore. For one, there’s no need to keep shelling out a set of maintenance fees to keep a vehicle in tip top shape. Secondly, there are no highly expensive fees or long term payments to worry about. These advantages are also applicable for long term leases.

If you’re aiming to have a lease or deal with experts of Cheap car rental service, then here are just few of the qualities which you must consider:

A clear line up of rental rates Singapore

weekend car rental Singapore

Thankfully, there are top car rental service companies which simply line up all the rates and models of their available vehicles for leasing and short term renting. Their systematic price lists make it easier for customers to pick their preferred models and consider the corresponding rates, depending on the duration of leases and rentals.

Some would simply list up the car models which they carry, along with their corresponding prices depending on the duration of their usage. There are units which may be used for a whole day, within two days, weekends and every month. A separate set of rates would then be placed for yearly leases.

As a driver, you must also be more informed about weekday rates, along with weekend prices. This way, you’ll be more efficient when it comes to planning up your travel itinerary.

Available options for Uber and GrabCar

Should you also intend to pursue a career in transportation services, you may want to check the leasing availability of Singapore’s cheap car rental services. There are sturdy units which you can pick from, plus they also have an array of vehicles which have convenient and modestly comfortable features for smoother client rides.

A wide array of vehicles

If you’re looking for a go-to car rental service for any season, then you’ll need a provider which carries different types of vehicles. It’s necessary for your service to provide you with lots of car choices, whether you need a vehicle for major weekend getaways, or getting around the city every day. 

Seasonal promos

The festivities can be quite busy and even costly. There are so many activities around, and so many gifts to give for our loved ones. Hence it would be a relief to know if your prospective provider can give out discount packages during Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year.

There are even car rental in sg companies which allow for fixed rates for clusters of vehicles. These include 7-seaters, Twin Charged, 5-Doors and many other units.

On call and within reach

Aside from providing a line up of ready-made FAQs, your intended service must make it easy for you to call them. Try contacting their hotlines and see the extent of efforts which they can give, whenever you ask for more details about their service.

There are many more features which you must consider when it comes to picking your go-to car rental service. Be sure to list up your other requirements, so you’ll be much closer to finding the best provider today.


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