Hotel Classifications and Its Amenities

If you’re planning on a holiday and you don’t intend to sit around in the hotel for days, it’s better to look for cheap hotel rooms. In this case, you might also want to check if there’s TV, cable, internet, or hot water from the faucet. This information is necessary for you to choose a hotel that can make you feel comfortable while away from home. Here are some factors you might want to look into:

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The most common system of hotel classification around the world is the star system which is from one to five stars. Every country has its own classification standards. In France for instance it’s almost impossible to achieve 5 stars due to the high taxes which often is the reason for hotel owners to downgrade their hotels. In Great Britain, aside from the star system, they also make use of other symbols such as moon, stars, diamonds, key, crown, etc.


If you are searching for a cheap hotel room, it’s crucial for you to know how far the hotel is to the international airport, the beach, the tourist spots, and the city center. When you’re traveling by car, it’s wise to look for a hotel that’s close to the main road.

Capacity and Amenities Found

You might want to request for a room with a view from the window. This can be a crucial element to consider when booking. This may not be available though in most cheap hotels. You may also check on the number of beds and rooms, equipment, furniture, and furnishings, etc. It would also be beneficial to check on the presence of some facilities such as TV and phone system, etc. This is especially so if you are in the hotel for a business function. These facilities and amenities depend on the classification and the hotel management.

Parking Services

In many countries, this is one of the major problems of hotels. You have to ask in advance if the hotel its own parking services. You have to specifically ask where to park the car and how much it will cost.

These are only a few considerations before booking for the hotel of your choice.

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