Get Your Very Own Car Lease in Singapore Today

Thinking of getting your very own car, but don’t have the budget to entirely maintain a brand new unit? Then it would be a great idea to get your very own car lease in Singapore today.

There are so many advantages which you can gain by having this specific automotive service. Here are just some of the features you can gain, by availing the services of a car leasing shop:

There’s no need to maintain a brand new car

If you’re getting a brand new car, you’ll have to pay for an expensive unit and perhaps go to a bank to get a loan.  It would be much more convenient for you to consider car leasing in SG, since all you’ll need to pay for would be the leasing package.

Plus, a brand new car will entirely need an insurance package altogether while a lease will already have the said service as part of their service.

A range of vehicle choices

As you consider a service which specializes in car leasing at Singapore, you’ll find how there are a lot of brands within your reach. You can now afford to drive top brands such as the Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Renault, Volvo, Volkswagen and many more.

Interestingly, there are car rental companies which also include car lease services. Be sure to pick those which have a wide range of top branded cars, so you will have more units to choose from.


Avail of the total package

If you’re keen on getting a passenger car or a light commercial vehicle, then you must make sure to get a full package of the service.

A car leasing service should include a comprehensive insurance package, coverage on Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), road taxes and full maintenance and service. Additionally, they must have a 24-hour road side assistance throughout the city and even in Malaysia, vehicle pick-up and delivery service, replacement vehicle and a tyre plus battery replacement.

By having your very own car lease service, you may already have an agreed, time bound ownership plus a couple of supporting services for your vehicle. In the event of a breakdown or any related accident, you can be sure to gain assistance from your top, chosen vehicle leasing organisation.

A company with customisation options

Should you have other particular requests which need to be included in your service package, it would be necessary to discuss the particulars with your chosen package provider. Amazingly, there are also car leasing organisations which allow for complimentary taxi services especially during emergencies. Emergency medical services may also be available upon request.

Planning to travel in Peninsular Malaysia? Then you’d also be glad to find how there are services which allow for complimentary replacement vehicles and hotel accommodation.

Details do matter especially when it comes to having your very own car, provided by a car leasing company. Be sure to consider which service features matter to you the most, so you can maximize each service you’ll be availing soon.

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