Why is Fragrance Hotel the best budget hotel in Singapore?

What do people usually look for in a hotel? Is it comfort? Cleanliness? Security? Privacy? Well, those are quite some basic requirements of a hotel service isn’t it? To top the other hotels on this, one must also look at the location, whether it is central or near to the places of interest or work that you are travelling to, whether it is easy to get food and entertainment around when night falls. The most important point of consideration would of course be the price, but is there more on how a hotel can impress its customers?

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When we think of budget hotels in Singapore, it would be some pretty basic images that appear: you get something of somewhat like a hotel but a cheaper price, nothing too high end, nothing too fancy. Fragrance Hotel is somehow different than other budget hotels in Singapore because it gives out great freebies on a regular basis. Not only do you save more by staying in a budget hotel like Fragrance Hotel in Singapore, you also get more stuff with that amount of money spent.
To reward their customers for booking directly through their website or with them, Fragrance Hotel gives out free vouchers to their customers such as discounts on spas, exclusive prices on buying merchandises, and redeemable goodies bags at shopping streets! Not only that, customers also enjoy a lot of privileges for booking with Fragrance Hotel such as getting complimentary room upgrades or late checkouts! What else can you ask for? Of course there is more! For those who are staying at certain hotel franchises of Fragrance Hotel, they would get a complimentary EZ link card on a minimum 3-night-stay booking.

A convenient option to try

Are you still asking me why Fragrance Hotel is the best budget hotel in Singapore? Experience the streamlined hospitality services by booking your hotel rooms with them today! With over 22 outlets across Singapore, there will be one that will suit your needs, your budget and your liking.

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