What to Expect from Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments Singapore Orchard are apartments that are fully furnished and they are designed for short- and long-term stays. Such apartments are highly distinguishable from hotels due to the amenities that can be found in them. For example, it will be hard to look for a hotel room with a fully equipped kitchen in it.

Serviced apartments Singapore Orchard

The following are some of the distinguishing features that you can find in a serviced apartment:

Furniture and Furnishings

The majority of these apartments have fully furnished features from the sitting room down to the kitchen and the bathroom. For the most classy or high-end apartments, you can have the luxury of having marble-floor baths and huge kitchens that are fitted with modern kitchen appliances.

Huge Space

The serviced apartments can offer business travelers a large space compared to the usual hotel rooms. If you intend to stay in your destination for a long time, you will need your place to be more spacious for you to walk around and feel freer which is not as cramped as a hotel room that only allows for a bed and a table.

More Privacy

Privacy is one great feature that you can expect from serviced apartments. Privacy is important when you are at work. This can be acquired when you don’t get any type of commotion or disturbance in a busy hotel. You can enjoy kitchen features and a huge closet space. All these set the serviced apartment way above the standard hotel room. When you have a fully equipped kitchen, you can cook your own food and be able to save up on some cash. Some apartments also have large closet spaces that can organize all your clothes and shoes.

More Amenities Like Internet and Parking

Wireless connection and private parking are some of the many features that can be enjoyed in serviced apartments. There are instances when the net connection is paid separately. Private parking and 24 hour security can also be ensured when you choose to stay in a serviced apartment.

Laundry and Cleaning Services

Other serviced apartments may have laundry rooms while others offer their own in-house cleaning services.

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