Event Marketing And Its Role In Fairs & Exhibitions

Event marketing is what put together some of the biggest fairs and exhibitions in Malaysia. Through a blending of multiple resources, the entire venue comes to life.

Here is how event marketing, combined with exhibition booth design in Malaysia comes together to create the extravaganza that you visit

  • Assigning participants

Most exhibitions and fairs sell spaces which are purchased by interested participants. These are industry specific, which ensures that the targeted category gets the maximum footfalls. These are generally ‘fairs’ which have either a particular theme or are industry based. Some good examples would be Auto Fairs, Stationary Fairs or even Wholesale Producers Fairs.

  • Entertainment options

Such fairs are a delight to visit, since besides product showcase, there are a lot of entertainment options. Most fairs have a stage which has artists performing for a crowd. These range from dance choreography Malaysia, fashion shows, new product launches etc. Special events even have artists that are flown in from abroad to perform in front of the live audiences. This space is generally one to watch out for in such events. Places near the stage are mostly crowded, thanks to the extravaganza which are mostly played on the stage.

  • Great deals

To attract more consumers and turn them into loyalists, Fairs often have amazing deals and freebies for the consumers. These are usually done to generate a new database for potential clients. This happens when brands ask consumers to leave their contact details. The other is to create a greater brand recall within the consumer’s mind through fun filled activities and giveaways. A consumer that gets this has a tendency to take among his immediate friends and family, and also possibly shares on Facebook. These are some of the reasons which become important for brands to get that expensive space at the fair and ensure their presence.

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