Enjoying an afternoon tea at Sheraton

Tea is like coffee for most of us, we enjoy it many times a day, but the most common is in the morning, the afternoon and after dinner.

They are both good and have different effects and is enough to keep us healthy and awake within the day. This practice has been around for many years for all we know but we never realized how far it’s attached to our culture. Coffee may not be that long, but tea is different.

Afternoon Tea Singapore

It’s a hundred years practice by many cultures and many races. Maybe not as long as the Neanderthals but long enough to know that it’s healthy and many people enjoy it.

One of the times that most people enjoy it is during the afternoon. Afternoon tea Singapore is something that most Afternoon tea Singaporepeople still do just like the people before us. It’s actually a mixture influence of both western and Asian. So either you do it in Asian style or in a cup, it doesn’t really matter and it is just a matter of preference because the tea concoction is already shared by cultures that many people are having a hard time telling which one came from one culture to the other (except Matcha of course).

If you even plan to enjoy an afternoon tea, there is no place like Singapore. It’s not an afternoon tea centered country but it is sure great to get one here and enjoy a great place with great company to pass the time.

Whether after a long walk, a long plane ride or just a conversation starter, believe me there is no better excuse, even to take a little break from stressful work than an afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea Sheraton

If you need that tea or you just want one, what better place to go to in Singapore than in Sheraton. Aside from a wide selection of tea partnered with a great company, they also have great desserts for your tea and an all-around great venue to enjoy it. So the next time that you enjoy it either with your friends, co-workers and even just for yourself visit Sheraton, it’s an experience that you will keep coming back for more.

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