Defining What a Four-Star Hotel Is

Star classification is used for ranking products and services like hotels, films, TV programs, and even restaurants. The truth is that it is the most common way of rating hotels, using the stars to indicate how luxurious the hotel accommodation can be. Every hotel’s star rating is decided by an independently assessed system that has something to do with the facilities and amenities found in hotels. Some of these facilities included are the following: entertainment options, food services, varieties of rooms, fitness centers, the view, extra services and amenities, and of course the location too.

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One-Star Hotel

One star hotel accommodation offers the basic amenities for travelers such as bathroom, color TV, soap and shampoo, table, bed, and chair. Two star hotel accommodation is the standard accommodation which includes the breakfast buffet, shower gel, reading light, and other toiletries. With three-star hotel accommodation, the comfort level is increased and there are seats in the reception area. You can also expect of the luggage service and other extras in the room like beverages, phone, and net access, bathroom heating system, and also hair drying equipment.

Four-Star Hotel

A four star hotel in Singapore is often regarded as good indication of first class accommodation. Keep in mind that it is just one step below the luxurious five-star hotel. The four-star hotel would have all the amenities and facilities and typical characteristics of three-star ones but they have extras like 24-hour phone access, longer reception periods, and of course a lobby with plenty of seats. You can also expect to have breakfast buffet in four-star hotels. Guests would also be given breakfast menu cards. Each room in a four-star hotel would have a mini-bar and beverages that are available for room service 24/7. It is also typical to find an ala carte restaurant in a four-star hotel.

A four-star room often has an upholstered chair or a couch as well as a side table. There are also personal extras for this type of accommodation such as bath robe and slippers. There may also be a vanity mirror and a shower cap, nail file, and cotton swabs. Guests have net access and there’s a net terminal in the room as well.

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