Close the Deal with an Afternoon Tea in Singapore

Looking for a conducive place to hold your board meeting? Or perhaps you’re gearing up for a negotiation and you’d like to have the best place to make things possible. Why not have it thru an Afternoon Tea in Singapore. Fortunately, there are hotel packages which have various standard rates and offerings thrown in, to ensure you and your partners will be gung-ho on things that will come your way throughout the meeting.

Here are just some of the package options you can pick from, as you spend an Afternoon Tea Singapore:

A standard meeting package with afternoon tea Singapore

Make sure you, your team and partners will be well covered as you go over the most important documents and plot the best strategic decisions for your company. A meeting package via an Afternoon Tea in Singapore will include 2 coffee breaks plus snacks, lunch menus, complimentary LCD screens and a flip chart. Car passes will also be thrown in and applicable for your selected meeting attendees.

The deal for 20 guests

Aside from the mentioned meeting package within a standard rate, you may consider a 20-guest deal which throws in additional perks for you and your business partners. These include free WiFi, percentage discounts in the hotel’s restaurant plus a VIP exclusive limousine. Cocktails and mocktails may be served. This type of deal should be great, so you may have a pleasant experience to cap off your Afternoon Tea in Singapore.

50-person guest rooms

If you’ll need to be supported with more amenities for your series of meetings, you can upgrade your services to an executive room may be thrown in. There are hotels which allow for a Towers Executive Suite for you or your VIP guests. If you’ll be booking a number of rooms should choose the best Singapore hotels get extended for an event, there are complimentary rooms which may be offered so you can make the most of your budget.

See if other arrangements can be made to fit your preferences. Speak with a top hotel representative today, so you may have a well-spent Afternoon Tea in Singapore.

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