Choosing The Right Maid Agency

Not all maid agencies offer the most quality of services,  thus, you have to consider the following when it comes to choosing the right maid agency which will help you in hiring the skilled and best domestic worker and house helper for you. Look out for the promises they make as some may sound too good to be true. You will want to pay and invest your time with a maid agency that will hear your out, and also let you know the expectations for hiring a helper and assist you in the wholesome process, not one that does not listen before doing a recommendation.

Cheap Price Rates

We understand that you want the best price and could be enticed with the lowest price rates but beware that there are fees and minimum salaries for other domestic helpers from different countries and no company would charge lower than the market cost of these What you need to search for are the reasonable or competitive price rates among the maid agencies. If an offer sounds too good to be true, please do not go ahead.

No license of accreditation

A maid agency without anMOM license isnot allowed to operate. The agency may either be operating illegally or are not complying with standards or regulations set by the Ministry of Manpower. Thus, always go for a maid agency with license.

Not Hearing Your NeedsMyanmar maids

Always ensure that your needs are well-communicated, and have them repeat your requirements back so that you are on the same page. Do interview the shortlisted helpers yourself where possible too.

Choosing the right maid agency is a crucial decision as they would be the ones providing you with your list of final candidates  to choose from.


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