Changi Airport Arrivals And Pick-Up Services

Changi airport is the busiest airport in Asia and every day thousands of people arrive here from various parts of the world. If you are planning a trip to Singapore, you would be landing at Changi airport and from there you will have to arrange requisite transportation services to reach your destinations. While organizing a tour to Singapore you can make advance arrangements for your transportation and accommodation depending on the date and time of your arrival at the airport. After your flight land, there are airport arrival lounges for temporary recreation, but after clearing all the immigration formalities, you have to leave the airport for your destination hotel or venue. You can arrange pick-up services based on your arrival timings and make online reservations for tourist cars, buses, or vans. Many tourists arrange direct pick-up from the airport to various tourist destinations in the city like Gardens by the Bay, universal studios, Botanic gardens, Night Safari park, and so on. There are charter buses and open top buses that carry tourists from Changi airport to various locations for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. You can also arrange for pick-up services through your tour agent.

How to check Changi airport arrivals?

  • For knowing the date and timings of different airport arrivals you can refer to online services that report the flight status. You can browse online for finding such websites.
  • Online flight booking services offers details of various airlines serving Changi airport such as Emirates, SilkAir, Thai Air Asia, Air Asia etc.
  • On opening the site, it would request you to enter the arrival date. After entering the date, you will get a list of airlines arriving on that particular date along with exact arrival timings and the status of the arrivals. Flights that are canceled or delayed for the day would also be indicated.
  • You can also check the arrivals through a travel agent or tour operator if you have hired one.
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