24 Jul 2017

Lease Car Options Online

In today’s world, it has become convenient to lease a car, even through online portals. There are several instances when leasing a car becomes a convenient option vis a vis purchase of a vehicle. When you are living in a different country for some time, you want the convenience of

03 Jul 2017

Hire The Best Expat Car Services In Singapore

There is no doubt that a car is one of the most desired items for every person, be it an expat or a local. Getting an expat car to drive is not an easy job for anyone who has just moved to Singapore. It could be a tough task to

car workshop singapore
23 May 2017

What to Look for in a Car Workshop

A car workshop Singapore is a car owner’s best pal. Even those people who have enough knowledge in fixing their cars have visited at least once a car repair workshop for their car engines to have a total checkup. However do you know what motor vehicle owners should look for

03 May 2017

Benefits of Car Leasing Explained

If you’re one of those thinking to try car leasing, below are some of the best benefits that you should consider before you make a decision. The ability to drive a brand-new car Car leasing enables people to have a brand-new car or the latest car model in their garage.

28 Apr 2017

What Is Commercial Vehicles Leasing?

When you lease a car to be used by a small business it is like getting a car for yourself. It may be that they follow a different set of rules and regulations. The leasing company has to consider the fact that the vehicle may be used by the employees

28 Apr 2017

Leasing and the Other Car Financing Methods

If you are planning to lease a car, there’s one question that most people ask which is should I rent, buy, or lease? These three leasing, renting, and buying are three different processes. Car leases whether it is a short term lease or a long term car lease in Singapore

25 Apr 2017

Why Is Panel Beating Remains Essential To The Car?

No matter, either you have a costly car or reasonable car, but you want your vehicle to look new and attractive. The outlook of the vehicle matters a lot as it will create a good impression regarding the vehicle. The more your vehicle has a good outlook the more people

19 Apr 2017

When Do You Need Panel Beating Services?

If your car has undergone an accident and it is repaired due to that, then you have to hire the repair services right after without delaying it much. Since, you cannot keep the repaired car for many days as it is. If you do, the damages will grow and make

pre owned car in Singapore
05 Apr 2017

Get a Pre Owned Car in Singapore

Wouldn’t it be much easier to go around where you please and wherever you need to be, with a Pre Owned Car in Singapore? Aside from picking a vehicle which matches your lifestyle, it’s also necessary to know the terms of your chosen service. Here are some reasons, benefits and

car repair
24 Mar 2017

A Guide To Finding The Right Car Servicing Shop

Everyone would like to own a car for so many reasons. Foremost reason would be people would like to travel with all the comfort and soothe. They do not want to experience things like back pain and other body issues of availing a public transport. These days, buying a car