The Benefits of Car Pooling in Singapore


Car ownership has become more and more expensive as years go by. Aside from having to purchase the car, you’ll also need to maintain its insurance license, pay maintenance and answer to other city related responsibilities. This is where car pooling in Singapore has become quite handy.

Why Car pooling in Singapore?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering if carpooling services are a fit for you. In this case, here are just some of the reasons why car pooling in Singapore would be brilliant to try out:

You get to drive different cars

As you opt for a service which specializes in car pooling at Singapore, you’ll get to drive different cars whenever you want. This is so much fun especially you’re the type who likes to experience driving various types of vehicles when you can. One day you’re driving a Honda City and the next, you’re using your credits to have a stroll on a Volkswagen.

No need to maintain ownership

Scrap off those monthly fees and gas funds. By going for car pooling in Singapore, all you’ll need to pay for would be the rental fee, plus the distance you’ve driven upon picking up the car.

A chance to enjoy new promos

Having a membership on car pooling in Singapore, means you’ll get to try out different ways of making the most of your credits or leasing budget. For instance, there are promotions which feature Stations of the Week. This means you can pick up your cars in specific stations and you’ll get the chance to get up to 15% worth of discounts on your credits.

Some promotions include taking snaps of yourself while riding a specific vehicle which you picked up. If you’ve creatively presented your entry, you’ll get extra car credits. With more credits, you won’t have to keep purchasing more just so you can drive more whenever you need to.

A tip in choosing your provider

Before signing up for a service which focuses on car pooling in Singapore, it would be important for you to check the profile of your potential provider. It would be a major plus if you’d choose a company which has many stations throughout the city. This way, you can easily choose your car selections and walk to your stations in as little as 5 minutes.

There are many other advantages which you can reap out of trying out car pooling Singapore. Sign up for a membership and see how else this service can make driving much more convenient soon.

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