All about Having a Magic Show

There are various formats of a magic show in Singapore if ever you want one for your child. That’s why if ever you want to have a magic show at home, in the office, or for any special event like a child’s birthday party, it’s crucial to find out the type of magic you like to be performed first. You might think that the only thing a magician can do is to perform in a birthday party for kids. But when you do some research online, you’ll realize that there are many things that a magician can be hired to do.magic show in Singapore

Some Types of Tricks and Types of Magic Magicians Do

If you want a magician to perform for a children’s party it could be that you like the magician to perform some tricks like being able to come up with animal-shaped balloons. But it’s a different story when you want the magician to perform in front of fifty guests. If that’s the case, you would like the magician to be closer to the guests. This means speaking with people in groups of 2 to 6 while doing the tricks. This kind of trick is called “strolling.” This is when the magician can stroll around from one small group to the next while performing smaller doses of magic while doing so.

Then there’s the formal close-up magic which is meant for a small dinner party and the magician often involves the guests while performing the tricks. You can usually find this performance in a restaurant unless the magician is hired to perform in a private dinner party.

How to Prepare for the Magic Show

When you schedule for the kind of entertainment to hold for your party make sure that the entertainers have everything they need for the show. For the magician, make sure that there’s enough space for him to move around. See to it that the material is also age appropriate and that you hire someone who is reputable. This is especially necessary when they have to get into your home. If you have special requests you can let the magician know before making further arrangements.


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