A Complete Guide To Bangkok – Sightseeing & Tour

bangkok-sightseeing-spotsBangkok, which is known to be the capital of Thailand, is basically located near the Gulf of Thailand, on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River. This city is known to be one of the most congested cities ever. Bangkok is actually developing as a rival to Hong Kong and Singapore. Its weather is usually pleasant except for the month of April and May as these two are the sultry months. From July to October it usually rains, there making the weather even more soothing.

Reasons to opt for Bangkok

A lot of parks and gardens are there in the city which makes it look even greener in comparison to the other cities. The lakes in Bangkok provide its tourists an opportunity to enjoy paddle boat rides. Not only are these but several other outdoor activities also there which can keep the people busy as well as entertained throughout the day.

Places to visit

There are ample Bangkok sightseeing, spots for the visitors. Snake Farm, Children’s Discovery Museum, Bangkok Doll Factory, Dream World and Joe Louis Puppet Theatre are some of those places. The puppet show puts up several Hindu shows as well to entertain their audiences and make several people aware of several kinds of stuff which were not known to everybody.

The shopping hub

This Asia tour packages comprise of several flea markets and malls where the visitors can go for shopping. The prices here are comparatively cheaper in comparison to the other Western Standards. Chatuchak weekend market is yet another good shopping destination and one can avail the metro or the sky train to reach there.

Although Bangkok is one of the most adventurous places, but its nightlife is a bit strict. All its bars and nightclubs get closed by 1am because of their strict government rules.

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